Song Il Gook makes final decision on continuing “Superman Is Back” with his triplets

After numerous of reports that Song Il Gook and the triplets may leave Superman is Back, Song Il Gook has released an official statement for his decision. 

After two months of Song Il Gook deciding whether or not to continue appearing in the program with his triplets, he finally released his final decision.

The reason for Song Il Gook’s possible leave was due to his recent casting for upcoming historical drama, Jang Yeong Sil. Due to the anticipated hectic schedule of appearing for the drama and filming for the program, it was reported that the actor may not return to the program with the triplets.

However, both the producers of the upcoming drama Jang Yeong Sil and Superman Is Back have officially stated that they have come to a consensus. They claimed to have contacted each other to collaborate the future schedules for both the show and the upcoming drama. According to both sides, one of the biggest reason for their collaboration is the actor’s wish to remain on the program, while taking on a role in a production that interested him.

Therefore, Song Il Gook and the triplets will remain on the show while the drama Jang Yeong Sil will air their first episode on January of next year.

The netizens have reacted positively to the news and left encouraging statements saying:

[ +12780 / -383] He is going to have such a hard time.. but I’m glad I still get to see the triplets!!!

[ +11325 / -306] Hul I’m glad I get to see the triplets but wouldn’t it be too difficult for Song Il Gook? I cheer for you

[ +8632 / -285] I hope you catch both rabbits ^^

Source: TV Report