Song Il Gook shares adorable photos of the triplets in light of the Lunar New Year

Actor Song Il Gook celebrates and gives his wishes for the Lunar New Year with his Twitter followers, sharing photos of his adorable triplets — Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se. 

On February 18th, the actor updated his Twitter account with, “2015 the year of the sheep, everyone we wish you all a Happy Lunar New Year,” further sharing adorable photos of his sons and triplets.

Basked in beautiful, natural light, the triplets are each surrounded by sheep dolls to commemorate the Year of the Sheep. Dae Han is spotted sitting and looking up in curiosity with rabbit ears on his head, while Min Guk ops to have one of the sheeps on top of his head. Man Se, on the other hand, is surrounded by the sheeps and wears a blue bonnet on his head.

Song Il Gook and the triplets are currently appearing and featuring in the hit KBS family show Return of Superman, in which the fathers must take care of their own children without the help of the mothers as they complete additional chores given to them by their wives.

Source: X Sports News