Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun bond over 19+ movie date

On the April 18th episode of MBC’s We Got Married, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun got the shock of their lives as the movie they were watching showed 19+ scenes. 

Before the couple left for their date in the city, they made sure to take care of their home in the country first, making new memories as they worked on a scarecrow for their vegetable garden while Song Jae Rim showered Kim So Eun with cheesy one-liners.

The couple continued to bond and shower each other with love as they prepared for their movie date, with Song Jae Rim helping Kim So Eun apply her lipstick, and Kim So Eun returning the favor by kissing Song Jae Rim’s hand.

During the movie at the drive-in theatre, the two were shocked to suddenly find themselves watching rated scenes together. As Song Jae Rim later said in his interview, “It was embarrassing seeing other people’s bodies. They were pretty energetic. I think I’ll have to watch the movie again later, by myself.”

Kim So Eun seemed to share the sentiment as she said, “The scenes came out randomly. I don’t think I focused on the movie at all.”

Watch some of the couple’s cute interactions below!

Source: Joong Bong