[★VIDEO] Song Jieun appears on “MelOn Premiere Showcase” for new album “25”

Secret‘s Song Jieun promotes her solo album 25 by appearing on her very own MelOn Premiere Showcase, which was uploaded on 1theK’s YouTube channel on October 15th.

The singer started the show with a performance of her album’s title track “Beautiful 25“, which displayed how she was “beautiful, young and free” at the tender age of 25. The performance was full of Jieun’s signature charm and energy, which carried over to other parts of the showcase.

The show was followed by a short interview before the singer performed another song from her newest album, “Don’t Look At Me Like That”, which she refers to as a horror ballad.

The showcase finished to the tune of “Star”, which was a fitting farewell to a sweet and enjoyable performance. You can watch the entire showcase below!