Song Jieun unveils dance practice version of “25”

On October 30th, Song Jieun gave a treat to fans by uploading a dance practice version of her song “25”. Here, she shows fans the fun and refreshing dance of her title track. Last month, Song Jieun made her solo comeback with the dark and meaningful “Don’t Look At Me Like That”. On October 13th, she came out with the “25” music video, which displayed a very different vibe, and the song looks to celebrate her at her young and beautiful age of 25.

The song has been a hit and Song Jieun has performed it on multiple music shows in the past few weeks, including at her “MelOn Premiere Showcas” for her album 25. Just a day before the release of the dance practice video, she also treated fans to some stills from her music video shooting, giving them a behind-the-scenes look.

The dance practice version reveals the full dance that was displayed in the music video. It is a fun and energetic dance that is apropos to her age and the song. It highlights her youthful but grown up charms. At the age of 25, she is maturing well into a beautiful woman and it shows through the song and the dance.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview for her photoshoot with International BNT magazine, Song Jieun revealed her ideal type to be the sweet and hilarious Lee Kwang Soo!

Make sure to check out the fun dance of “25” below: