Song Jieun releases Japanese PV for “25”

On December 1st, Secret‘s Song Jieun released the Japanese PV for her recent solo comeback “25” through KISS Entertainment‘s YouTube channel.

25” was one of the top new releases when it came out in October, and was performed by the singer for weeks on multiple music shows. The Secret member even performed the dance as part of the showcase for her comeback album on “MelOn Premiere Showcase.”  The song is catchy and includes energetic choreography that truly embodies Song Jieun, who is “beautiful, young, and free” at the age of 25.

Since its release, the music video for the song has reached over 1 million views, and has been received with overwhelmingly positive comments. Fans around the world have been enjoying the song, and now Japanese fans can sing along to the catchy lyrics in Japanese.

Song Jieun is known for her photogeneity, and has recently been featured in photoshoots for both KWAVE magazine and Gentleman magazine. Likewise, the singer looked incredible in the PV for “25”, where she showed off her fresh face, fit body, and youthful energy!

Make sure to check out the video below!