Song Joong Ki caught fanboying on “Descendants of the Sun” finale

Red Velvet makes their male fans go wild as they make a surprise appearance at hit drama program, Descendants of the Sun. 

In the April 14th broadcast, the finale, Song Joong Ki and the rest of his team were seen dancing along to a special performance held by Red Velvet as they perform their hit single, “Dumb Dumb.”

The finale episode dared to represent how the idol groups boost the morale of the soliders with Song Joong Ki proving his love for the group as he cheers enthusiastically at Red Velvet, completing the scene with a fan sign.

Fans of the program, however, were quick to laugh at Song Joong Ki’s antics, while his onscreen girlfrend, Song Hye Kyo reacts differently in the scene that followed.

Descendants of the Sun ended their hit run on KBS today.

Source: Dispatch