Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung, and Im Joo Hwan surprise the “Running Man” cast on next week’s episode

One of Running Man‘s original members will be making a return on next week’s episode!

SBS’s Running Man initially made its debut July 11, 2010 with its original all-male cast, including Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin, Gary, Haha, and Song Joong Ki. Unfortunately on its 41st episode (May 1, 2011), Song Joong Ki exited the variety show due to his overwhelming schedule as an actor.

On June 7th and following the BIGBANG episode, a preview revealed that along with actors Jo In Sung and Im Joo Hwan, Song Joong Ki will be returning with a short appearance on next week’s episode, who all appeared to cheer on fellow actor and close friend Lee Kwang Soo.

Guest starring on this episode include Haha’s wife Byul, actress Kim So Hyun, and actor Son Joon Ho. Don’t miss out on this episode!