[★VIDEO] Song Man Se and Choo Sa Rang show affection with a kiss on “Superman Is Back”

Song Man Se and Choo Sa Rang prove to be very close and friendly with one another, even sharing a momentary peck on the lips on the latest Superman is Back episode.

Aired on December 21st, the triplets Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se visited Sa Rang’s house, where the four shared quite a few activities with both fathers. Song Il Guk read to his sons and Sa Rang on the couch, the triplets hanging onto him as he read with Sa Rang following closely from the side.

Song Il Guk asked Man Se for a kiss, “Man Se, give dad a kiss,” to which the little boy gave, before his father said, “Man Se, give Sa Rang a kiss.” Consenting, the two gave each other a peck on the lips.

Later on, everyone laid down for a nap to briefly regain their energy. While everyone fell asleep from exhaustion, Man Se and Sa Rang were seen playing playfully with one another instead.

Watch the two’s adorable interaction below!

Source: Newsen

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