Song Man Se misses his noona Choo Sarang on “Return of Superman”

The youngest of the triplet Song Man Se reveals that he misses his noona Choo Sarang on the KBS2‘s reality show, Return of Superman. 

On the February 22nd episode of Return of SupermanMan Se shows his longing for Choo Sarang. His father, Song Il Gook, sits the kids on their cute little desks to read a dinosaur book together. Out of nowhere, Man Se, the youngest of the triplets, sits on the pink desk that was designated to Choo Sarang during her recent visit.

Then Man Se comments, “This is Sarang noona’s seat. Where is Sarang noona?” When Song Il Gook asked, “Sarang noona left to Japan across the sea. Do you like Sarang noona that much? Should we go see Sarang noona again?” to which Man Se nodded his head adorably.

Many netizens find the triplets’ and Sarang’s friendship adorable. In particular, the affection between Man Se and Choo Sarang have stolen the hearts of their audience during Choo Sung Hoon and his daughter Choo Sarang’s recent visit to Korea.

Source: Asia Today