Sonnet Son released first teaser for “The First Snow’s Falling”

R&B singer Son Seungyeon, who is better recognized as Sonnet Son, released the first teaser for the track “The First Snow’s Falling” on December 1st. 

Sonnet Son posted on Twitter saying, “The first teaser for <The First Snow’s Falling> has been released and the single will be released on December 4th. Please watch the teaser that was created with the assistance of Jang Su Won and his robot-acting.”

Sonnet Son’s amazing ability to control her powerful vocals can be heard even in the short teaser video as she serenades the listeners and effortlessly sings the high notes.

Jang Su Won also shared a funny introduction in the video saying, “Oh, it’s the first snow!” “Are you okay?” “You are feeling very lonely, right?” “Huh? Are you crying?” “You said you weren’t lonely! What you’re saying doesn’t match up!” “Here’s a love song more heartfelt than Misaeng [drama] and sweeter than Honey Butter Chips [popular snack].” “Son Seungyeon’s ‘The First Snow’s Falling.’” “But… is that song, okay?