Sonnet Son releases MV for remake track, “The First Snow’s Falling”

Sonnet Son, who is also referred to as Son Seungyeon, announced on her SNS account that the music video for “The First Snow’s Falling” had been released on December 4th.

Sonnet Son’s “The First Snow’s Falling” is a remake of of Lee Jung Suk‘s “First Snow” that was released in 1986. The original version of the song was inspired by Lee Jung Suk’s feelings of regret and remembrance of his past. Both renditions of the song start out slow and move to an upbeat tempo, but Sonnet Son’s version gives listeners a feeling of warmth in preparation of the cold holiday season.

In the music video, Sonnet Son is accompanied by a pianist, a bassist, a drummer, and a saxophonist. The instrumental completely changes the mood of the original song to create a mellow atmosphere that is perfect for Sonnet Son to show off one of her many different styles of singing.

Sonnet Son’s Twitter post says, “Son Seungyeon’s newly released digital single <The First Snow’s Falling> can melt away the cold winter with its warmth. Please give it a lot of love!

Check out Sonnet Son’s version as well as Lee Jung Suk’s version of the song!