Sonnet Son releases MV for her song “Am I Too Late”

On March 6th, singer Son Seungyeon, better known as Sonnet Son, revealed the music video for her song “Am I Too Late”

In the latest music video released through Sony Music Korea‘s YouTube channel, R&B singer Sonnet Son is seen giving it her all as she sings her song for CCM Music‘s The Message Part 1 album. Other artists such as Kwon In Ha, Mono Wave, and singer-comedian Shin Bora are also took part in the album along with Sonnet Son.

Taking place in a recording studio, Sonnet Son was also accompanied with a live orchestra in the music video. Throughout the song, Sonnet Son amazes listeners with her ability to move the audience with her vocal talents. The other artists that participated in the The Message Part 1 album were also seen making appearances in the music video as well, but did not participate in the same song as Sonnet Son.

Back on January 7th, Sonnet Son revealed the music video for “Just As You” from The King’s Face OST, where she showed off her powerful vocals while featuring scenes from the drama.

Check out the video below!