Sool J and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung share making of + interview clips for “Honey”

On December 31st, Sool J and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung shared behind the scenes, making of footage from their collaboration track “Honey.”

Released on December 30th, their duet “Honey” is a couple track as sweet as its name. Fans now get a glimpse of the recording and production process of the track with the duo’s making of video.

Sool J is dressed in a patterned blue and black long-sleeved shirt which is reminiscent of the tropical atmosphere in the music video. Rainbow’s Hyunyoung is dressed in a simple and cozy red flannel.

The video highlights the two stars’ great chemistry while working together on the bubbly track. Whether it’s acting out the song’s story while recording or looking over lyrics together, it looks like Sool J and Hyunyoung had a great time creating the track for listeners to enjoy.

In a shorter interview video, the two artists introduce the song to viewers after a cute self-introduction. They end the clip by asking fans for support.

Check out the new video footage here: