Soul StayZ covers Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”

On December 5th, Soul StayZ became the most recent Korean artist to cover Adam Levine‘s “Lost Stars,” an OST from the movie Begin Again.

Despite the song being released over five months ago, the trend of Korean singers covering the song is still growing strong. The three-member group performed the cover in a practice room, and two of the members even played the piano and the guitar in accompaniment. Soul StayZ showed off their clear and smooth vocals, as well as a strong team chemistry by performing their cover of the song as a group a cappella, dividing the song into parts and harmonizing during different parts. The ITM Entertainment group also put their own spin on the song in their cover, increasing the tempo and making it sound more upbeat than the original.

Soul StayZ now joins a long list of Korean artists who have performed a cover of the song.  JuNCurryAhn, ProjectSHStimMarvelCho Hyung Woo, YoonhanJunielKwak DongyeonSPICA.SLee Hyung WookLUNAFLYGummy, LeeSejunHan Dong GeunRoyal Pirates’ Moon, guitar prodigy Sungha Jung, and C-Clown‘s Kang Jun have all participated in the trend, and now co-ed trio joins the list!

Make sure to check out Soul StayZ’s cover of “Lost Stars” in the video below!