[★VIDEO] Ellen DeGeneres invites Korean high school girl to sing her viral cover of “Hello”

While Adele‘s “Hello” has been topping charts, South Korean Lydia Lee is also making her name known internationally with her own cover of the song.

The young high school girl, currently studying in Seoul Music High School, has gained more than 12 million views for the cover video shared on YouTube. Her rendition of the song has gained global attention with articles of her written all over the world by news outlets such as Cosmopolitan, Today, Daily Mail, and Metro.

In particular, she caught Ellen DeGeneres‘s attention and was invited to The Ellen Show filmed in California, USA. Not only was Lydia Lee asked to sing live with live piano instruments in the background, Lydia’s mother was also seen in the audience to witness her daughter sing with pride.

After completing her performance, Lydia received an ovation from the audience while she was overwhelmed with mixed feelings after having the honor to sing on the show. Just a few hours after Lydia’s appearance on the show was shared onto Ellen’s Facebook page, over 4 million views were reached.

Is this your favorite cover of Adele’s “Hello?”