Soya, KK, and Bily Acoustie release a cover of “Reminiscence”

On January 25th, Urban Works Entertainment released a video cover of solo artists Soya, Bily Acoustie, and rapper KK performing their acoustic rendition of Turbo‘s song “Reminiscence.”

In the beginning of the video, the three of them are seen introducing themselves and laughing as they attempt to get their greetings for the introduction down. For the video they covered a song originally sung by Turbo, a group that consisted of Soya’s uncle Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jung Nam, and Mikey. Throughout the video KK manages to show off his sleek rapping skills while Soya and Bily harmonized perfectly together.

The song first came out in the 1997, to which Kim Jong Kook later released a remake of in 2012 featuring Epik High. For the remake of “Reminiscence” he was also able to work with Shinsadong Tiger to recreate an updated version of the song.

Soya will also be making a return to the music scene with her song “NPNP” for the first time ever since she changed agencies. On January 22nd a teaser video was released ahead of her comeback. For her comeback she was able to collaborate with rapper and composer KK. She will be releasing her first album in two and a half years on January 29th.

Take a listen below!