SPICA to guest on ISAtv’s “East Meets Morgan”

SPICA will be guesting on ISAtv’s new episode of “East Meets Morgan” where host Morgan Lynzi interviews the biggest stars of K-Pop and talks about their music, international fanbase, and upcoming projects. 

Morgan Lynzi has interviewed Taeyang of BIGBANG in the past for “East Meets Morgan”; the show looks into the influence of Asian culture on American pop culture today. Teasers for her day with SPICA were just released and reveal that they will be talking about fashion, the K-Pop industry, and the girl group’s American debut!

The K-Pop idols recently debuted their subgroup, SPICA.S, with their track “Give Me Your Love” and finished promotions just last week! SPICA.S consists of four of the members aside from Boa, who will be debuting as a solo artist soon. Earlier this summer, SPICA performed in Los Angeles at KCON 2014, one day after they made their American debut with their English track “I Did It”.

Source: ISAtv