SPICA releases “Ghost” MV

On November 5th, the girls of SPICA have finally returned with the full music video for their autumn comeback track, “Ghost”.

After having teased fans with two music video teasers (1+2) as well as a handful of image teasers, SPICA has released the full music video for “Ghost”, their comeback track.

A collaboration with Sweetune, “Ghost” brings SPICA’s powerful vocals into a ballad with a heavy use of rock elements most notably in the percussion and bass guitar. The laid-back melody and driving rhythm further emphasize the track’s heartbreaking feeling.

As shown in the music video teasers, the story of the music video takes place during the preparations of a fashion show titled Doll. Through the emotional scenes backstage and the complicated relationships among the characters, viewers can feel the melancholy mood of “Ghost”. The lyrics describe the lingering feeling that results from a person’s heart being unable to completely let go of a past lover.

The sub-unit SPICA.S has recently finished promoting their debut single “Give Your Love”, while SPICA as a whole has made appearances on isaTV‘s East Meets Morgan, and performed their American debut track “I Did It” at KCON in August.

Check out the music video here: