[★FEATURE] Spotted! Top 10 K-Idol Styles of December – Week 4

With Christmas having come and gone, your favorite idols have taken to Instagram to show new fashion accessories and styles to fans worldwide. Check out our compilation of the best shots here, and tell us what you think!

AKMU Chanhyuk [instagram://xBTKzSj5m-]

4Minute Hyuna [instagram://xEzjxnqtun]

Min Hyorin [instagram://xDwGeUoP3W]

miss A Suzy [instagram://xEDqf6wC1x]

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon [instagram://xGPiARn_md]

Block B B-Bomb [instagram://wtDs5cKRj3]

Miss A Fei [instagram://xB0mr1Pb87]

T-ara Qri [instagram://w4TnzwFOP9]

Super Junior Kim Heechul [instagram://w5tTpOo-bC]

BIGBANG G-Dragon [instagram://xGfB0_tgBh]