Standing EGG releases their comeback MV for “Crazy”

Coming back with their latest mini-album Young, indie group Standing EGG has released the music video for their song “Crazy.”

 After completing preparations for their comeback album and teasing fans with a teaser to “Crazy”, Standing EGG finally released their full music video on May 22nd. With mellow acoustics, and soft vocals accompanying the music video, it shows a story of 3 teens in love.

Following the main character of the video, he falls in love with a girl and gets hopelessly led on. Throughout the music video it shows the young teen boy in a lovesick state until he is later confronted with the girl kissing her boyfriend. Heartbroken, he takes all memories of her and dumps them. The music video ends with him laying on the rooftop and being approached by a girl.

Including “Crazy,” Standing EGG’s mini-album also contains the songs “Pretty,” “Reason,” and their previous single, “Starry Night”.