Standing EGG releases music video teaser for “Kiss Me”

On November 28th, indie-folk group Standing EGG has released a refreshing music video teaser for their upcoming track, “Kiss Me.”

In typical Standing EGG fashion, “Kiss Me” begins with a light and cheerful guitar introduction as a harmony of voices and jazzy piano join in. Although only a short 22 second music video teaser, this sneak peek already gets viewers excited for the track’s full release.

The music video teaser features a happy couple biking through nature, their joyous and carefree expressions evident in their mutual interactions and even the way they pedal their bicycles.

“Kiss Me” is set to be the title track of Standing EGG’s upcoming fourth album of the same name. The track and its music video will be released on December 2nd while the full album will drop on December 5th.

The group most recently delivered their track “Hanging Heart” late last month.

Check out the music video teaser here: