Standing EGG unveils teaser for “Hanging Heart”

Indie group Standing EGG is releasing their new single “Hanging Heart”, and ahead of its release, has shared a video teaser with fans on October 25th.

Last month, Standing EGG  came back with the release of their song “She is Back”, a sweet mellow song about a man who sees that his love has returned to him after they had broken up.

This new track “Hanging Heart” is a sadder song than the latter from what one can hear from the teaser shared. A beautiful accompaniment of string instruments is heard that gives off the mood of a sad song. In the picture, a man is seen sitting on a stool with his knees huddled, giving off a melancholic vibe. The single will be released on October 30th and Standing EGG hopes for strong fan anticipation and interest for it!

Standing EGG is an indie band that debuted in 2010, and is known for releasing tracks that are pure and easy to listen to. Earlier this year in May, Standing EGG also released their 36.5 mini album.

Check out the teaser below for “Hanging Heart”: