2 Girls Started A Violent Fight In The Subway…And The Reason Why Will Leave You VERY Confused

With the subway being such a convenient mode of transportation, it’s bound to carry all sorts of passengers and crazy stories.

One particular event that will surely confuse you is a fight between two women while riding a subway. In the short video, a violent and nasty fight breaks out seemingly out of nowhere with no clear story

A short-haired woman standing next to a seated student on the subway is shown drinking out of a water bottle. Suddenly, the student aggressively attempts to snatch the water bottle out of her hand.

Despite the student’s aggression, the woman continues drinking the water nonchalantly, until the student goes into a rage and attacks the woman full on, shocking the other passengers and bystanders.

This strange brawl that seemed to spring out of nowhere had people puzzled and baffled, some speculated that the water bottle originally belonged to the student, and the short-haired woman had snatched it and drank it without permission, but there is no way to know for sure. Many viewers left light hearted remarks, joking that it must have been some delicious water to cause such a fight.

Take a look at the scene here: