Stella Jang releases self-composed track “It’s Raining” ft. Verbal Jint

With her new self-composed track “It’s Raining,” which features Verbal Jint, solo singer Stella Jang showed off her wide range of musical talents. 

Originally written and released in 2013, the music video for “It’s Raining” features the Grandline Entertainment singer singing as well as playing the acoustic guitar. According to the credits, she also arranged the track, played the flute and keyboard for the song, and contributed to the lyrics with help of Verbal Jint and Delicat.

Despite its simplicity, the music video for “It’s Raining” utilizes the beautiful French setting and excellent camera work to complement the upbeat and cheerful track. Verbal Jint’s impressive rap also added additional flair to the song, making for a unique and charming track.

Make sure to check out the incredibly talents of Stella Jang, showcased in her self-composed track “It’s Raining” below!