STELLAR gives sneak peek with MV teaser for “Stupid”

After announcing their March comeback last week, STELLAR gave fans a sneak peek at the music video for their upcoming release, “Stupid,” with a short video teaser. 

The Top Class Entertainment girl group has wowed fans in the past for their sexy and chic concepts. Despite initial signs that the girls would be switching to a cute concept in the beginning of the teaser, the group appears to be sticking to their tried and true sexy style in “Stupid.”

The short teaser video begins with the girls surfing the web in a bright and colorful room, but after reading cruel netizen comments about their group, the girls begin to shed tears.

From there, the girls transition from their casual outfits into sexy white crop tops and heels, singing along to a song reminiscent of American doo-wop music. With their fresh faces and bright set, the girls appear both angelic and sexy, proving the netizens wrong for bashing the group.

STELLAR’s music video for “Stupid” will be released with the full album on March 11th. For now, you can check out the music video teaser below!