STELLAR proves haters wrong in MV for “Fool”

There are always obstacles to success, and in their music video for their latest song “Fool,” girl group STELLAR showed that they can prove haters wrong with their talents. 

As seen in the short music video teaser released earlier in the week, the video begins with the girls of STELLAR facing harsh criticism from netizens reacting to their performances for “Marionette.” Despite the fact that anti-fans are sure to emerge from being in the limelight, the girls are nevertheless hurt from the negative comments.

Rather than sitting around crying about their haters, however, the girls (with the help of a friendly ape), work relentlessly to stage a powerful comeback and prove that they have the talent and ability to make it in the industry.

Taking a rather unique approach with a song reminiscent of American doo-wop music, the girls impress with a sexy and confident comeback that will sure to prove the haters wrong.

Make sure to check out the music video for STELLAR’s “Fool” below: