STELLAR surprises fans with dance practice video for “Guilty”

Top Class Entertainment girl group STELLAR recently surprised fans by releasing a dance practice video for their song “Guilty.”

Although “Guilty” was released in 2014 as part of their album Marionette, the song was not a title track and did not have a music video.

The girls showed impeccable synchronization during their dance practice, matching movements even during maneuvers such as spins and body rolls. The dance itself is rather slow-paced, but coupled with the song and seductive dancing, create a sexy and appealing performance.

Due to the unexpected and surprise nature of the dance practice video for “Guilty,” fans have started to speculate possible reasons for the group’s decision to release the video. Theories among fans regarding the video include a possible music video for “Guilty,” or a sign that the group will be making a comeback soon.

Make sure to check out the sexy dance practice video for STELLAR’s “Guilty” below!