Stellar teases with a 19+ clip for “Vibrato” MV

Releasing another teaser for their upcoming comeback, Stellar shows their sexy side in a 19+ teaser video for “Vibrato”.

After revealing the their 1st video teaser that showcased a bloody red theme and a short glimpse of the members, on July 15th a 2nd teaser was uploaded onto YouTube. This time around the girls released a more rated teaser for the fans. In the new clip the members also gave the audience a chance to listen to the vocals of the song, and a view of their choreography for this comeback.

Stellar also released a group teaser image as they were dressed in red mini-dresses. Following the release of the teaser image, netizens posted on Pann reacting to the group’s g-string fashion.

Their music video is set to release on July 20th. In the mean time, check out their teaser: