This Streamer Tried To Copy Jungkook’s Hairstyle Without A Tutorial

How do you think he did?

YouTuber Edvasion was all of us when he reacted to seeing Jungkook‘s long, wavy hair.

When I saw this picture I was like, ‘Hello? 911? It’s me again.’


Because his hair is on the longer side, he decided he was going to attempt recreating Jungkook’s iconic look without the use of a tutorial. 😱

He shared that he actually did try looking for a tutorial, but came up empty-handed, likely because Jungkook’s look was so new. He called up a friend who identifies as an ARMY and asked for her advice on what she thought he should do. His friend told him that she was pretty sure he could accomplish the look simply by using gel.

I haven’t used gel since I was a fetus.


The first step he shares is to make sure you spray your face.

Just kidding, he was actually just feeling crusty. 😂 The real first step, he said, is spraying his hair to wet it and give it a little bit of texture. Edvasion used Living Proof’s Restore Perfecting Spray to give his hair the shiny, wet look that Jungkook’s has.

The next step was for him to section off his hair. He noted that Jungkook’s looks like it has a middle part.

Working in sections, he applied gel to his hair and twisted it around.

Once he made a nice little twice, he twirled it up onto his finger and held it in place for a second.

Releasing it after holding it in place for a bit should create a nice loose curl…

Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful on the first try.

Although his first attempt at a curl was a bit of a flop, he decided to stick it out and keep going following the same method.

Despite his perseverance, the method just wasn’t working, so he decided to curl his hair using a flat iron.

After repeated attempts to curl his hair using both the flat iron and finger-curling method, Edvasion eventually gave up.

But all was not lost, because he gifted us this hilarious montage of him desperately trying to recreate the awesomeness of Jungkook’s hair. 😂😂😂

Although he didn’t manage to accomplish the look he was going for, we definitely want to give him an “A” for effort and for all the laughs he gave us!

To really get the full experience with commentary by Edvasion, watch his video below: