How To Style Your Hair Like Popular K-Pop Idols

All you really need is a flat iron and some hair bands!

Online streamer Doyeong shared how to accomplish replicating three popular K-Pop idol hairstyles. Viewers observed that the hairstyles reminded them of Wheein from MAMAMOO, Hyuna, and even Taeyeon! Regardless of which idols you relate to having these hairstyles, they are perfect for the summer and upcoming fall season.

The first style is the most basic of the three, but the most important as it sets us up for the remaining two hairstyles.

The first step is to loosen your hair before gently brushing your hair to detangle it. Doyeon uses a Tangle Angel detangling hairbrush.

Once your hair has been properly brushed, the next step is to style it using a curling iron. Doyeon shows us how to easily create beachy waves simply by rotating her wrist as she flat irons her hair! You don’t have to worry about it looking perfect, so the front and back parts should cross a little.

Once your done curling your hair, it should look something like this:

The next step is to brush your hair while it’s still hot to help loosen up the waves, creating a more natural look.

According to Doyeong, the most important part of this style is the bangs. You need to pull your bangs forward so that you can put them in the place you want them to stay while you curl them. It’s important not to curl your bangs into a blob, but instead follow your forehead line.

She then divided her bangs into four parts before curling them individually into circles.

While her hair was still hot, she shaped it into an “S” and repeated the process three more times before gently brushing them.

After you’ve finished curling and brushing both sides of your bangs, the look is complete! (She suggests accessorizing with pins if you want to highlight the hairstyle more.)

Now you have stylish, mermaid hair like Hyuna!

Style two is slightly easier because a lot of the groundwork for it was accomplished for style one. But, if you’re not used to braiding your hair, prepare yourself for quite the arm work out!

You want to keep your bangs curled from the previous style and tuck the remaining hair behind your ears before splitting it in half.

She separates her hair into three parts and notes that the front and back ends shouldn’t align so you should tie your hair based on length. She does a simple braid before tying it off with a plain black hair tie.

The tight braid looks a bit too much “Pippi Longstocking” so she carefully loosens it to give it a more chic look.

Once you’ve complete braiding your hair on both sides, she suggests curling the ends as well as loose strands around your face to frame it and helps give it a slimmer appearance.

Done! Now you, too, have the same classically cute hairstyle as MAMAMOO’s Wheein!

Style three is a casual chic bun that is the perfect match for any everyday look, from grocery shopping to traveling.

Obviously enough, the first step is to tie your hair up into a high ponytail.

Twist your hair as you twirl it into the bun, then tie it with a hairband.

Using a U-pin (which is exactly what it sounds like), you pin down any parts of your bun that are sticking out or need to be tidied up.

Curl the side parts to really highlight the hairstyle and… You’re done!

With this simple but elegant look, you’re ready for daily life, just like Taeyeon!

The entire video is below for anyone who may need more detailed instructions or the ability to pause. 😉