Sub-unit VIXX LR takes home their first music show win for “Beautiful” on SBS’s “The Show”

Fans rejoiced today when VIXX’s sub-unit LR took home their very first music show trophy for their title track “Beautiful.”

On September 1st, VIXX LR went up against Stephanie’s “Prisoner,” April’s “Dream Candy,” G-Friend’s “Me Gustas Tu,” and Juniel’s “Sorry” for the #1 place. Gaining the lead with 9,464 points was VIXX LR!

This is the group’s first trophy for their title track and was accepted by MC and fellow VIXX member Hongbin who accepted the award on their behalf. During the encore, he even celebrated their win by attempting to follow to the track as he sang parts of it.

Congratulations to VIXX’s Leo and Ravi!