Subin takes charge as writer, composer, and producer in Dal Shabet’s upcoming mini-album

Dal Shabet will be dropping their next mini-album in just a little over a week, and has revealed their full tracklist ahead of time.

In the tracklist published on April 6th via their various SNS accounts, what was most eye-catching were those who participated in the creation of the album, most notably Dal Shabet member Subin. The member’s name is given credit in all the songs as both lyricist and composers, including in “To.Darling,” “Addict (홀려),” the title track “JOKER,” “I’m Not,” and “OK Boy.”

Members Jiyul and Ga Eun are credited as lyricists along Subin for the song “Addict” as well.

Happy Face Entertainment further reveals in their post that Subin also took on the role as producer, making fans anticipate the girl group’s comeback even further.

Joker Is Alive will be released on April 15th.