SugarBowl reveals endearing “Everything But Me” MV + stills

Following the release of the cute music video teaser to this track, SugarBowl has finally dropped the full music video for “Everything But Me.”

Released on December 19th, the music video continues the elegant feeling of the music video teaser, opening with scenes of the adorable couple seated at a window seat in a dark cafe.

Although the female appears cheerful and happy in their interactions, the male seems troubled. While she draws cute sketches in her book, he keeps a poker face. Additionally, scenes of a wire configuration highlight the male’s frustrations and the female’s light-heartedness.

The lyrics build on this conflicted feeling as the story describes an atmosphere of confusion and desperation. While the relationship seems to be going well, the two sides seem to view the relationship differently.

Furthermore, the group shared some pastel stills of the music video, showing notable scenes such as the couple hiding in a record store or glancing at each other with loving expressions.

In related news, SugarBowl member Changin Ko was recently featured in REX.D’s music video for “You’re Different.”

Check out the music video here: