SugarBowl and Soulights release MV for collaboration track “Miss”

With the music video for their collaboration track “Miss,” indie bands SugarBowl and Soulights detailed the complicated topic of lingering feelings between exes. 

Sometimes, despite having broken up, exes still have lingering feelings for each other that can definitely re-bloom into a relationship. In their first collaboration, SugarBowl and Soulights, two hottest bands from the indie scene, portray a former couple who perfectly fit that description.

In the music video released on March 16th, two former lovers feel the same way internally, disliking each other’s new partners, hoping to get back together, and thinking about making a move. However, neither want to make the first move, wanting the other to have the courage to re-initiate the relationship.

The style of the two bands really blend well, creating a track with strong chemistry that tells a very convincing story. Upon watching the video, you can’t help but cheer and hope for the two protagonists to restart their relationship.