Suki releases MV for “Sick of Farewell”

On December 29th, Suki released the music video for “Sick of Farewell,” a ballad track about the difficulties following the end of a relationship. 

The video begins in black and white, with the singer narrating as she appears to be getting into her car to start off her day. After the quick voice-over, however, the video is restored to full color and the song slowly begins.

The video follows the singer as she goes about her daily routine, albeit clearly affected by her recent break-up. Like the song itself, the video is full of emotion and features many intense scenes.

Through the progression of the video, the singer learns that drinking wine and obsessing over texts will not help her get over her sadness and ultimately decides to get dressed to go out.

“Sick of Farewell” is a ballad track that was previously released in her mini-album of the same name. The album was released in October 2014, with this song as a hidden track, however it was announced on December 22nd that the song would be getting a music video.

Make sure to check out Suki’s new music video below!