Sung Si Kyung releases MV teaser for “Don’t Forget”

On November 28th, Jellyfish Entertainment released the music video teaser for singer-actor Sung Si Kyung‘s upcoming song “Don’t Forget” through their official YouTube channel.

The video starts off with the singer showing off his smooth and sweet voice as he sings alone under light snow, and quickly flashes to a woman carrying a crate as more snow accumulates. Eventually, a single ornament drops from her crate, and is left forgotten on the snowy ground.

The song also features the voice of Kwon Jin Ah, a former contestant on SBS‘s K-pop Star Season 3. Sung Si Kyung and Kwon Jin Ah recently worked with Yoo Hee Yeol on Toy‘s new album De Capo.

“Don’t Forget” is the title song of Sung Si Kyung’s upcoming album Winter Wonderland, which is the singer’s first release in three years. Many fans have been anticipating the return of the singer, who is also referred to as the Prince of Ballads. The song fits perfectly with the winter mood and has received a lot of praise from netizens, who left comments such as “Sounds beautiful.<3,” “OMG I can’t wait!!!“, and “Sung Si Kyung Oppa Jjang~ ♥ ^^“. The full music video, along with the album, is set to be released on December 9th.

Make sure to check out the teaser below: