Sung Si Kyung releases snowy “Don’t Forget” MV ft. Kwon Jin Ah

On December 1st, ballad singer Sung Si Kyung revealed the full music video for his latest track “Don’t Forget,” off his special upcoming album Winter Wonderland.

Jellyfish Entertainment gave fans a sneak peek into this winter-themed music video earlier with the release of a music video teaser. Following the Christmas theme of the short teaser, the full music video continues the imagery of the holiday season.

Although the setting is full of Christmas cheer such as lavish gifts, a beautifully decorated pine tree, and colorful winter sweaters, the storyline focuses on the lonely female lead as she struggles to place a golden star atop the tree. Through various tear-jerking scenes as she stands alone in the snow, the music video ends with a new, hopeful morning and the star successfully placed on the tree.

The song begins with the soft and relaxing vocals of Kwon Jin Ah from SBS‘s K-pop Star Season 3. Accompanied by a warm and full background of piano and strings instrumentals, the two singers’ emotional voices blend together in a delightful harmony. The slow tempo of “Don’t Forget” highlights Sung Si Kyung’s steady vibrato and Kwon Jin Ah’s light high-range.

The full album is set to be released on December 9th.

Check out the music video here: