Sung Si Kyung shares his favorite songs on “MelOn Playlist”

In addition to releasing his new album, Winter Wonderland, Sung Si Kyung is the next artist to appear on 1theK‘s MelOn Playlist, sharing his favorite songs and musicians on December 12th’s episode.

The vocalist shared his favorite songs as he first talked about Dave Foster’s “Water Fountain.” He said, “You can feel refreshed if you listen to it when you’re upset, it makes you feel clean and he’s just incredible.”

He continued to mention that one of his favorite musicians is Kenny Loggins and said, “He is the one who can touch my mind with the very first note and the sound of guitar.”  In addition, he complimented the song “Cody’s Song” as he said, “It’s a beautiful song that touches my heart.

Sung Si Kyung continued on and said that he enjoys songs from Yoon Sang, Michael Jackson, Take 6, Mariah Carey, and Babyface.

Meanwhile, Sung Si Kyung released his winter album titled, Winter Wonderland on December 5th which includes 11 tracks and features artists such as Ailee and Sweet Sorrow.