[★VIDEO] Sungha Jung jams to Akdong Musician’s “Time and Fallen Leaves”

Guitarist Sungha Jung uploads his acoustic cover of Akdong Musician‘s “Time and Fallen Leaves,” receiving much love from fans around the world.

Known globally for his acoustic covers posted on Youtube, Sungha Jung adds another track to his list as he jams along to Akdong Musician’s “Time and Fallen Leaves.” Once again, the guitarist garnered much attention for his smooth rendition of Akdong Musician’s latest track.

Meanwhile, Sungha Jung is a Korean guitarist that writes his own music and makes covers of popular K-Pop songs as well as American pop songs from ear. He has millions of subscribers on his Youtube channel and has been receiving love for his guitar skills since 2006.

In South Korea, Sungha Jung is known as the “guitar prodigy” from his outstanding guitar composition and performance skills. Prior to Akdong Musician, Sungha Jung covered Adam Levine’s popular track, “Lost Stars” from the film Begin Again.