Sungha Jung reveals acoustic cover of Zion.T and Crush’s “Just”

Sungha Jung has reveaeld his acoustic cover of Zion.T and Crush’s original track, “Just.”

Known for creating acoustic covers that cover a wide range of musical genres, Sungha Jung began uploading videos of his covers since the age of 10. From then on he uploaded video after video and now has had the opportunity to travel to many countries to hold concerts.

On February 2nd, with yet another collaboration track, Zion.T and Crush released the music video for their song, “Just.” Both refreshing and smooth, “Just” became an instant hit, making an all-kill within hours of release.

Taking on the beauty of the song, Sungha Jung released an acoustic cover of the track on April 14th. In recreating the hit track, the guitarist gave it his best to match the flow of the song.

Strumming along to the original beat, Sungha Jung was able to bring back the smooth melody of “Just.”

Check out his cover below: