Sungkyu takes his very first trophy for solo activities on “The Show”

INFINITE‘s Sungkyu took home his very first music show win on the most recent episode of SBS MTV‘s The Show.

On the May 19th episode of The Show, the artist was up against EXID, BTS, Hyosung, and CROSS GENE for the win. Winning with 8,413 points, he made sure to thank all those who have supported him, including his fans and ended with a two finger kiss.

Fans were undoubtedly elated to see him win, screaming their happiness as he began his encore stage.

Congratulations Sungkyu!

[+26, -1] Oh really!! Congratulations on your #1 ♥♥

[+20, -1] Sungkyu really won #1, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! All this time you suffered!! Tears and joy~ ㅠㅠ

[+18, -1] Congratulations on your #1 Kim Sungkyu!!!♥♥♥

Source: News1