Sunny Hill performs “Child In Time” on 1theK’s “Special Clip”

On February 1st, Sunny Hill brought their lovely live vocals to 1theK’s Special Clip for a performance of their latest track, “Child in Time.”

Off their latest mini-album Sunny Blues: Part B, the song is a mid-tempo ballad that describes sweet times of the past. Accompanied by a simple band of a soulful keyboard and soft guitars, the ladies showcase their emotional vocals as they sing about old memories.

The Sunny Hill ladies don neutral colored outfits that bring the focus of the video to their song and their interpretation of the bittersweet story it tells.

The live rendition of this title track allows fans to clearly hear and see the individual members perform their respective parts. Featuring soft harmonies in the upper ranges, the song uses an easy-going main melody to express the reminiscing feelings of the track. The touching lyrics are conveyed gently and carefully with the light falsettos and basic instrumentation.

Check out their live rendition here: