Sunny Hill releases behind the scenes footage for “Here I Am”

Sunny Hill takes fans behind the scenes to the making of the audio and music video for their latest song, “Here I Am.”

Sunny Hill recently released their music video, “Here I Am” on November 27th, which features HISTORY‘s Sihyoung. Sunny Hill tells a story of a woman trying to get over a recent breakup in “Here I Am” as the member JuB plays the role of a woman who has hallucinations of her ex-boyfriend.

Despite the dreary mood of the music video, Sunny Hill proves that it was an entertaining experience through their behind the scenes videos. Even though the weather was cold, the members managed to work through the day, perfecting the scenes from the music video. The girls enjoyed each other’s company while striving their hardest to finish filming.

Sunny Hill continues to spread laughter as they reveal a behind the scenes video of the members recording the audio for their parts in the song. While keeping serious faces, the members we able to hold a friendly atmosphere as their vocals chimed through the microphone.

In related news, Sunny Hill recently participated in 1thek‘s #Hashtag interview with “Here I Am.”

Check out the behind the scenes clips here: