Sunny Hill releases title track “Child In Time” MV teaser

Sunny Hill has released another video teaser for their 1st album: Part B’s title track “Child In Time” on January 26th. 

Member JuB stars in the music video, busy at work as she is handed additional paper work at her cubicle by a fellow employee. Just as she is scanning the amount of work she had received, JuB receives a text message from her boyfriend, asking if he will see her today because he misses her. Receiving a scolding from her supervisor, she gives a negative response to her boyfriend with a heavy heart. The video ends with a sleeping JuB, alone on a bus as she makes her way home, indicating she had left work late.

Sunny Hill’s Part B of their 1st studio album Sunny Blues will be released on January 29th. Meanwhile, in addition to the title track’s music video, Sunny Hill will be releasing a special live performance through 1theK’s Special Clip, which they previously teased.