Sunny Hill reveals MV for “Here I Am” ft. HISTORY’s Sihyoung

After releasing a teaser, on November 27th Sunny Hill released the full music video for their latest song, “Here I Am.” As Sunny Hill’s third digital single release, the track talks about a woman’s heartbreak after her break up.

It was produced by Michin Gamsung and KZ,  who have worked with Sunny Hill for a long time. Mi Sung also contributed to the song by writing some of the lyrics. “Here I am” is unique in the sense that it mixes the three genres acoustic, electronic and ballad.

The music video follows member JuB as she tries to get over the break up with HISTORY’s Sihyoung. She hallucinates and sees him as she walks the street and even makes a second cup of coffee for him while at home, forgetting that he’s not there. In the end she can’t take it anymore and goes to get her memories erased via hypnosis, conducted by the other members. Using the three genres together gives it an upbeat vibe regardless of its sad lyrics.

Check out Sunny Hill’s “Here I Am” below: