Sunny Hill says “Here I Am” in 1theK’s “#Hashtag” interview

After releasing their single Here I Am, Sunny Hill returns to the screens as they participate in 1theK‘s #Hashtag interview.

On November 28th, 1theK released Sunny Hill’s #Hashtag interview, where they chatted about a range of topics.

When asked about the meaning of their song “Here I Am,” the girls commented, “It is a girl who’s grieving over a breakup. It also talks about the moments she gets neglected by the guy.” Afterwards, the ladies grace viewers with a live, acoustic snippet of the song.

During their fan questions segment, one fan asked for the girls to imitate each other. Each one took a selca of how another member would have posed, completed with various signature accessories and facial expressions. This activity resulted in a lot of laughter from the members, as some were in disbelief on how they individually posed. However, they all agreed in the end that all of the cute selcas taken were accurate.

Recently, Sunny Hill has been busy promoting their song “Here I Am” on various music shows.

Check out their interview below!