[★VIDEO] Sunny Hill sings “A Flying Butterfly” for students taking entrance exams

To cheer on the high school students preparing for their college entrance exams, Sunny Hill came together to sing a live cover of YB‘s “A Flying Butterfly.”On November 8th, 1theK released Sunny Hill’s heartwarming message for students who are stressed about their college entrance exams, which take place on November 13th. Choosing YB’s “A Flying Butterfly,” Sunny Hill assures students that though they may be going through a rough patch now, they will soon be able to fly like a butterfly and become successful adults. Smiling softly at the camera, the members sing soulfully, conveying their gleeful emotions to help motivate viewers. Their acoustic rendition of this song truly shows Sunny Hill’s strong vocal power and harmonization skills, as they were only accompanied by a guitarist.

As a lighthearted end note, the girls tell their students, “do your best!” and conclude with “cheer up everyone, Hwaiting!

Other artists who have sent students encouraging messages include Yeo Jin Goo, AOA, and FTISLAND.

The College Scholastic Ability Test is a standardized exam given every November and is known to be a strong deciding factor on a student’s future. In light of this, many Korean services experience schedule changes in consideration for the students. Also, it is not uncommon to see other students outside their schools on the morning of the exam holding motivational posters to cheer on their peers.

Good luck to all the students preparing for the CSAT!