Super Junior D&E reveals “Growing Pains” MV

On March 5th, Super Junior D&E unveiled the full music video for their latest title track, “Growing Pains.”

The sub-unit members have been teasing fans in the last few weeks with a highlight medley, various music video teasers, and numerous image teasers as well. Now, patient followers have been rewarded with the release of the emotional video for their newest track.

Featuring an interesting combination of muted colors and bright lights, the music video opens with frustrated images of the sub-unit members. Donghae appears to undergo a hypnosis while Eunhyuk tosses and turns in his bed out of unrest. While various flashbacks show unhappy scenes with a female, D&E show off their impressive and convincing acting abilities.

During dance scenes, the members showcase their synchronized choreography and soulful singing throughout. Their voices combine in a heart-breaking harmony with soft falsettos that glide through the background track just like their smooth dancing.

The release of the music video also marks the release of their studio album, The Beat Goes On.

Check out the music video here: