Why Super Junior-M’s Henry should stay FAR AWAY from EXO members for his own health

Hilarious videos of Henry‘s interaction with EXO members have started trending among fans with Henry himself making jokes on the matter.

With the recent completion of SMTOWN Tokyo, a fancam revealed EXO member Xiumin happily swinging his arms back and forth as he enjoyed the final stage with his labelmates. Unfortunately, Henry walks right into the happy swinging arms and gets hit in a very sensitive area..

Posting the video on his Instagram, Henry commented, “Xiumin!!!! Aren’t you a little too excited!!! Scary scary!! Don’t worry everyone … I’m ok. I will get my revenge.”

Fans uncovered a similar incident during one of the MBC‘s Athletic Championships that not only involved Henry again but another EXO member mindlessly swinging his arm and accidentally hitting the Super Junior-M member and violinist in the same sensitive area once again.

Patching these two together to BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang,” Henry joked about the incident again and wrote on his Instagram, “EXO definitely has something against me. EXO seems to have some kind of dissatisfaction towards me, have I done something wrong??” 

Of course, we all know it wasn’t on purpose and it’s all jokes between Henry and EXO.

Check out the hilarious clips below: